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The conflict at the Children’s Pool has lasted almost 20 years and has brought some of the worst behavior to La Jolla.  This has shown us some of the worst sides of City government.  The conflict needs to end and the seals are here to stay.

However, the Community Plan and the State Constitution require reasonable and convenient access.  The best plan we have seen to compromise and allow these two elements to be provided harmoniously is the Lifeguard Union Plan.  Therefore, we fully support the Lifeguard Union Plan.

When the Lifeguard Union Plan was presented to the California Coastal Commission (CCC), the CCC found the idea intriguing.  Likewise, the City of San Diego, Planning Commission seemed to support the plan.  La Jolla civic organizations have expressed their full and nearly unanimous support for the plan as well.

It is time to end the conflict and we hope that our City leaders will see the wisdom of this plan.  It is our hope that the City leaders will explore and adopt the Lifeguard Union Plan for several reasons.  First, the Lifeguard Union Plan offers superior seal protection via a physical barrier to protect the seals from harm.  This protection far exceeds that afforded by a simple rope barrier.  Second, the Lifeguard Union Plan provides access to the water for those who require it.  This is necessary to comply with State law.  Third, the Lifeguard Union Plan provides for cleaning the beach to reduce the pollution now caused by the exponential growth of the seal colony.  The City has allowed and promoted the growth of the seal colony without regard to the pollution and related problems that has caused.  It is time for them to clean up this pollution so that the residents of La Jolla do not suffer.  Finally, it is the right thing to do.  Although much has been made of activists wanting to “get rid of the seals”, this has not been the approach of Friends of the Children’s Pool since the change in State law legally permitting the seals to stay.  Instead, Friends of the Children’s Pool has advocated for a balanced approach respecting both the needs of humans and seals.  It is our belief that the Lifeguard Union Plan is a suitable compromise which complies with all applicable laws.  We hope that activists on both sides can respect the needs of both seals and humans and adopt a plan which provides for the needs of both.  The La Jolla community deserves an end to this conflict and the City of San Diego needs to finally adopt an approach to properly care for and clean up after the seals while respecting the needs of it’s citizens.


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Previous NOAA authorization to relocate seals for their protection:  101705_noaa