Handicapped Access

892706_4224861394820_363125774_oThe Children’s Pool beach was once one of the most accessible beaches in La Jolla.  In fact, as put by Ellen Browning Scripps, the beach was intended for children but particularly,

Those handicapped in life’s game.

As the Children’s Pool filled up with seals in the 90′s, the City of San Diego was unsure what to do.  As a result, they closed the beach entirely.  Unfortunately, this action was deemed illegal and a court ordered the City to reopen the beach.  The La Jolla Community Plan considers the Children’s Pool an essential element of the access component.  In-fact, both the beach access ramp and the stairs are specifically called out in the Community Plan:

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Unfortunately, the City continues to impede human access at the Children’s Pool.  This makes handicapped access in particular difficult.  Despite the difficulty, several handicapped individuals make the effort to use the Children’s Pool on an ongoing basis.  At this time, neither the Park Ranger or the Police Officers stationed at the Children’s Pool offer assistance to handicapped individuals attempting to use the beach.  Therefore, it is up to the public to assist our fellow citizens in using the beach.


The Friends of the Children’s Pool support the access rights of ALL citizens.  We do not discriminate based on race, color, creed or ability.  We believe that handicapped individuals have just as much right to use the beach as all citizens and we will assist them in whatever manner possible.  Due to the access ramp, the Children’s Pool was once the most handicapped accessible beach in all of La Jolla.  This status is supported in the La Jolla Community Plan and we believe that handicapped access must be maintained and, if possible, enhanced.