June 15, 1931

Governor of California signed Statute No. 937 of the laws of 1931, which granted to “the city of San Diego, … all right, title and interest of the State of California, … in and to all that portion of the tide and submerged lands bordering upon and situated below the ordinary high water mark of the Pacific ocean ……….. to be forever held by the city of San Diego and its successors in trust for the uses and purposes and upon the express conditions following, to wit:

(a) That said lands shall be devoted, exclusively to public park, bathing pool for children, parkway, highway, playground, and recreational purposes, and to such other uses as may be incident to, or convenient-for the full enjoyment of, such purposes;

(b) The absolute right to fish in the waters of the Pacific ocean over said tidelands or submerged lands, with the right of convenient access to said waters over said lands for said purpose is hereby reserved to the people of the State of California.”