This site is intended as a public resource for facts surrounding the La Jolla Children’s Pool controversyTHE MISSION : TO UPHOLD HISTORIC DECISIONS AND PROTECT OUR BEACHES FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS
EDUCATE the public as to the use of the Children’s Pool in accord with Miss Ellen Scripps charitable intent in 1931 in order to protect La Jolla Children’s Pool surroundings as a public park, a bathing pool for children and public recreational usage in accordance with chapter 937 of the attached deed of trust between Miss Ellen Browning Scripps, the State of California and the City of San Diego, county of San Diego.
PUBLICIZE the return of the Children’s Pool to public recreational use.
PROMOTE public access per the Trust, the Coastal Act, the State Constitution, the Public Trust Doctrine.FACILITATE cleaning the beach and adjacent areas as to make it attractive for human use, including removal of rodent, destructive and invasive species.

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